First Do No Harm

OK, first post.  Where to start?

First Do No Harm.

This isn’t just for doctors.  I think we all have the capacity to heal, and the opportunity to bring our lives, our communities and our systems back to health and balance.

And one of the main ways we can do this is through the financial choices we make.

Through developing awareness of the chain of events – from something we can live without (peanut butter with palm oil), resulting in loss of things we cannot live without (functioning rainforest, diversity of agriculture, and treasures like the orangutan).

Small innocuous items bought without thinking, resulting in good things being destroyed without thinking.

I am a newbie on this journey, although the seeds were sown a long time ago when my mother first voted with her purse (no French apples, veal, or any non-local farm produce).

And it has been re-ignited for me as a result of many, many articles coming to light about the cruel, ignorant and inhumane activities going on in Asia, Indonesia and elsewhere which are an affront to my humanity, an affront to the potential for genuine good that could be achieved instead, but seems beyond our reach to influence.

It really began in earnest when hubby and I ditched our satellite TV subscription last summer because we couldn’t stomach any more of our cash lining the coffers of the Murdochs.  Even though we were pleased with the service, and the Murdochs only owned a % of the company.

It would have been easy to feel impotent about the phone hacking scandal (hoping the ‘Big People’ would sort it out), and to rationalise that losing out on our paltry subscription isn’t exactly going to be noticed by them.  But i liked my husband’s view on it: there are a lot of things we have no real say in, but how we spend our discretionary cash isn’t one of them.

After the initial trauma of separation, and feeling like I had somehow sacrificed for my values (no new series of Grays Anatomy for me lol), we have now found several new ways of getting the stuff we enjoyed but through different suppliers.

The funny thing is, all these avenues already existed but we had just been going along with the herd and hadn’t even thought to look for them before.  We just went for the big obvious one that made things convenient and meant we didn’t have to think too hard in our busy working life.

So here is the question: As an individual, how can I make my life work WITHOUT my cash inadvertently funding the stuff that drags all that’s best in life into the gutter for the benefit of a few corrupt individuals?  How can I have a normal life, where I get to wear make up and fashionable clothes, have a good investment for retirement, and eat lovely food – but where my hard earned cash is paid into a chain of events that makes things BETTER?

I guess that’s what my blog is about. Every experimenter needs to publish his / her findings, and connect with new information to help them find new solutions.  So let the journey begin!

PS I am feeling a bit intrepid but also lonely so would love to connect with any fellow travellers who might be out there…


About thepoliticalshopper

The Political Shopper believes that we all have the personal power to choose and thus to shift the system, starting with what we buy.
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