Why we don’t have influence, and the first place to start

So here’s the first challenge of political shopping: Where on earth to start with it??

Because without starting, we can’t have influence.

And without influence, nothing changes.

So I guess I am starting where it usually makes sense to start: where I am right now, and by asking probing questions.

And where I am right now is looking forward to a peanut butter sandwich.  So an email has been duly dispatched to the organic, ‘earth friendly’, additive free organisation that has produced the PB in my cupboard.

I used more words than this, but the jist is:

How many orang-utans were killed in the making of my sandwich?

I await the response, and I’ll KUP!


About thepoliticalshopper

The Political Shopper believes that we all have the personal power to choose and thus to shift the system, starting with what we buy.
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6 Responses to Why we don’t have influence, and the first place to start

  1. Sadly, if the peanut butter contains palm oil, your sarni will contain a portion of one dead orang utan…metaphorically speaking, of course – but dead, nonetheless.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the comment. You are almost certainly spot on, which makes me both sad and frustrated. This in fact is where it gets interesting, because my peanut butter is labelled ‘Sustainable’ palm oil…

    My sense of these things is that attending conferences, having suppliers sign protocols, getting agreement ’round the table’ does nothing to prevent stuff going on ‘under the table’.

    And although the response i got from the peanut butter company was very detailed and swift, it did nothing to assure me that their supplier is taking personal responsibility to police the plantations and GUARANTEE that no orang-utan, virgin rainforest or indigenous tribe was harmed in the making of my snack.

    They seem as a company to be genuinely concerned about where their oil comes from but my problem is that a supplier signature at the RSPO cannot be relied upon in poor, undeveloped areas where the temptation of £70 per dead orang may be too much to pass up.

    I’ve since found a few comments from a 1 yr old Yale University report and a more recent RAN report, also outlining these concerns:



    I don’t feel I really have 100% clarity or truth around this issue, but will switch to non-palm oil peanut butter in the meantime. The reason I am frustrated? I dont think the peanut butter company I spoke to has 100% clarity or truth either. Their heart is in the right place, they are taking it seriously, but they have not stepped outside of the corporate and RSPO process / supply chain roles and responsibility box to find out and assure consumers of exactly the impact supplying their oil is having.

  3. We truly do vote with our dollars. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to keep doing so!

  4. Where is your subscribe button, woman? I can’t find it!!

  5. Good question Jennifer 🙂 lol.
    It seems with this template the Follow button shows up as a little grey rectangle at the bottom RHS of my screen and so isn’t very obvious.
    However, I have now also added it further up as a widget in the RH panel, just below RSS feeds.
    I’m still all new-fangled with this blogging thing lol. Can you tell? 😉

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