Current Conclusion on Sustainable Palm Oil

So from last post’s research, comments and conclusions, it turns out there is most likely a dead orang-utan in my peanut butter sandwich.

Strangely, this can be true even though my peanut butter has been lovingly crafted from ‘Sustainable’ palm oil, and by a company that is of the small, 40 year old, organic, earthy green-labelling kind.

(OK, that’s not quite accurate these days, they are actually ex-small, earthy green labellers who are now owned by a large corporate Group, all of whom are happy members of the RSPO).

As a scientist, my instinct is generally to find out what the facts actually are rather than accept information at face value, which led me to ask them:

How do they 100% guarantee that the supplier they use is actively policing their plantations to ensure the RSPO agreements are being adhered to?

They didn’t specifically answer this, even on the repeat, so in the meantime I am concluding that they don’t or can’t guarantee it.  Which is probably why in the bigger picture there have been concerns raised around whether the RSPO in truth is inadvertently providing a veneer of legitimacy that the many rogue palm oil producers out there can now hide behind.

And also leading consumers to think there is a guaranteed ‘good way’ to get palm oil.


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The Political Shopper believes that we all have the personal power to choose and thus to shift the system, starting with what we buy.
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