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Truth Behind The Label: Is This A Faster Way To Find It?

This isn’t very scientific, but it is a fun study in what the true values and priorities of organisations might be through the lens of their surface presentation. In my last post I noted my immediate visceral response to the … Continue reading

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Corporate vs Personal Responsibility

Here’s the thing about some of our less conscious Corporations.  They love Corporate Social Responsibility.  It doesn’t work without Personal Social Responsibility though. What I mean is this:  It isn’t about the charters and sustainability agreements the palm oil suppliers sign up to.   It’s about the personal … Continue reading

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Why we don’t have influence, and the first place to start

So here’s the first challenge of political shopping: Where on earth to start with it?? Because without starting, we can’t have influence. And without influence, nothing changes. So I guess I am starting where it usually makes sense to start: … Continue reading

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First Do No Harm

OK, first post.  Where to start? First Do No Harm. This isn’t just for doctors.  I think we all have the capacity to heal, and the opportunity to bring our lives, our communities and our systems back to health and … Continue reading

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